Friday, 8 August 2008

Still in the past?

I have been wondering that houses like these will be the vast majority we will all be living in. Simple designs like these are becoming very popular, so why are estates still holding back the past and not bringing the future!?

Surely modern homes prove more eco friendly, less materials and less space. What are your views on modern homes?

London's 2012 Stadium

''The innovative new design was unveiled by London 2012, as it announced construction of the venue will start ahead of schedule.

The design features a ‘stadium bowl’ holding the 25,000 permanent seats, surrounded by 55,000 demountable seats that will taken away after the Games. An Olympic Stadium with such a large demountable element and mix of temporary and permanent seating has never been attempted before.

After the Games, it will be transformed into a 25,000 capacity Athletics stadium and will host a variety of sporting, educational, cultural and community events. It will be a sustainable and vibrant facility, attracting other businesses and investment and acting as a hub for the communities living in and around the Olympic Park.''

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London's Modern Future

London? Whilst I was browsing some forums I stumbled upon a very interesting topic. Skyscrapers are going to take over London's historic skyline and turn into the next shanghai, maybe 'London-Hai?'. With all the talk about London becoming green and stopping congestion on London's roads, Is BULL!
Wouldn't this increase congestion, tourism (over crowded) and pollute?
Well I leave you with the topic I found, any thoughts please message me.